Santa Claus Continuity Check

“What do mean the supply chain has failed!” Santa exploded, well not literally, but you get the gist of the situation.  

Business Continuity, Supply Chain Resilience

As the shopping days to Christmas edge ever closer to zero, Santa decides to do a final check on his continuity, crisis and resilience plans. It’s been a busy year and he has not had the chance to catch up with all the changes in International Standards but promises to himself that once the sleigh has been mothballed in January it will go to the top of his list.

Over a coffee he dusts off last year’s checklist, gathers the chief elves and Rudolph around the board room table and runs his eye over the plans.

“So, strategically we are in good shape” he says. “How are the presents, are they almost done? Letters I know are arriving and the reindeer should be in good shape after a year off”. The spluttering sound of the Chief Logistics Elf (CLE) as he chokes on his mince pie stops Santa in mid flow. “Well what’s wrong? Better tell me now”.

“Ah” said CLE, “it is not quite as you said, that is, not with the presents, I mean, I am sure the reindeer are good, well I hope they are, but presents – that’s another thing. You see we went out to tender last year and, well, it‘s all the fault of the production studio.”

“What production studio?” roared Santa, “we don’t have one!”

“No, we don’t” agreed the CLE, “but Watsit’s and Thingy’s do and that where the problem started. They left a backdoor open and lost 76 million records.”

“Don’t you mean CD’s?” said Santa.

“No” replied the Elf, “CD’s are yesterday’s gifts I mean peoples addresses and we lost them, or rather they did, well the odd trillion megabytes of them anyway.”

Santa’s head started aching but he felt he had to go on. “So if we don’t have 76 million records and CD’s what went out of the door?”

“What door?” said the CLE.

“The backdoor” said Santa.

“Oh, not a backdoor literally” said the Elf, “I just mean they got hacked and lost all of our data. I am just waiting for the regulators to give us a call and say how much they want to fine us.”

“Fine us? They can’t do that”

“Well” said the Elf, “it appears they can. You see, we never bothered registering the data, and as for holding all those records on children need I say more.”

“What are we going to do!” cried Santa.

“Well” said the Elf, “why not implement the crisis plan and ask Corpress to give us some training?”

“Good idea, get me their number” agreed Santa, and the colour in his cheeks started to subside from deep burgundy to his usual robin redbreast happy hue.

Merry Christmas!

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