To make the difference in any crisis situation,Corpress LLP offers an innovative approach, putting people at the heart of our model; we focus on developing their capability, experience, skill and commitment and supporting them through the provision of facilities and systems.

Our consultants have global experience in developing, testing and facilitating response arrangements from the boardroom to site level. Our services cover:

Executive briefing sessions

Our executive briefing sessions, which are short, focused, interactive and tailored to your specific circumstances, engage with Directors and senior executives to highlight board level issues and management approaches.

Developing your virtual team capability

Executives and response teams are often not co-located during a crisis. Managing virtual teams under high pressure situations takes planning and practice. Corpress provides the skills to run effective virtual teams.


From creating live full-scale immersive simulations to small team desktops, we will guide and facilitate your exercises or train you on how to run and observe them.

HR Support services

We provide professional support to HR teams for checking and embedding crisis arrangements and delivering skills level assurance and capability reviews, plus training and facilitation programmes specifically aimed at HR’s needs.

Response facilitation

On call to support your response, Corpress can provide the addition of an experienced 3rd party facilitator to your team who is already familiar with your risk profile, business objectives and response procedures: an extra pair of capable hands when you need it.