When disaster threatens, successful mitigation and recovery depends on advance planning. To develop a resilient organisation requires careful pre-planning, engagement, communications with employees and stakeholders and a professional response.

Whatever your risk exposure Corpress LLP can help:

Gap assessment

We will provide an independent review designed to deliver a confidence check. It will confirm what is working well, how people engage with the programme, identify potential improvements and test your expectations against policy and reality.

Developing and implementing a continuity programme

From assistance to full delivery, we can implement all phases of a continuity plan, ensuring alignment with international standards whilst tailoring output to meet individual business needs.

BS11200 Crisis management – guidance and good practice

Training, reviews, briefings and support on implementing the new standard, prepared and presented by an author of BS11200 and PAS200.

Supply Chain Continuity Management

A major risk to any business is a failure in its supply chain. Mitigating this risk creates a strong position to deliver competitive advantage to you. Please see our download Supply Chain Continuity Management (SCCM) for further information and our consultancy Discovery Package to kick off your SCCM programme.

Crisis and Risk Communications

Engaging with your staff and stakeholders is important at all stages of a resilience programme and communications is one of the keys to success. Our approach includes understanding the organisations’ culture, sampling awareness of risks and response, preparing briefings and running interactive programmes.